Latest Announcements/Covid-19

Being situated in a land of 40.000 m2, Kappa Resort allows guests to maintain the social distancing and feel the privacy of their own space. Each accommodation has an outdoor separate entrance which does not oblige guests to enter any interior common corridors. Enjoy the private outdoor area (garden or terrace) which reaches up to […]

No place like Halkidiki!

A modern Greek saying states “There is no place like Halkidiki”. The rich history, vibrant culture and stunning nature truly make the region a unique and colorful treasure throve of activities and leisure. From he many ancient sites, to the pine forest, the Turtle lake, the magnificent beaches and the picturesque villages of Afitos, Agia […]

Greek Hospitality Awards 2019

Once again, Kappa Resort is more than happy to announce its new award achievements for the below categories: Gold Award in category «Best Greek Hotel Tailor Made Guest Experience» Silver Award in category «Best Greek Villa Resort» Silver Award in category «Best Greek Hotel Restaurant» We really feel honoured and blessed as this is our […]

Pet friendly hotels in Halkidiki

Animal lovers, especially nowadays, are too many and find it hard getting apart from their pet even on their vacation. No worries, that’s why we are her for! Kappa Resort is what we call a pet friendly resort. Guests with pets are more than welcome (up to 1 per booking is allowed). This way guests have […]

Kappa Resort sponsors Oktoberfest

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, the fans of Oktoberfest enjoyed the famous traditional German beer festival at the German School’s premises. Crowd of people tasted the famous German specialties based on authentic recipes and various types of beer. The program of the event included among other musical events, as well as guided tours of the […]

The winner of our facebook contest

Mrs. Valentina Papa is the winner of our latest big contest on facebook which ended May 31, 2018. Ms. Papa won a three-day stay at Kappa Resort in a two-bedroom villa with a private pool (breakfast included) which she redeemed on 28/9. Together with her company she enjoyed a carefree escape from the capital’s fast […]


SUPER CONTEST BY KAPPA RESORT Win 3 nights for 4 adults in September ( from 15 till 30/09 – according to availability ) in a two bedroom villa !! STEP 1. Vote for us in the World Travel Awards in our two nominations A).Europe’s Leading Hotel Residences B).Greece’s Leading Hotel Residences STEP 2. […]

Greek Hospitality Awards 2018

New distinction for Kappa Resort! Proudly announce another award achievement in Greek Hospitality Awards! We have been honored with a Gold Medal in category “Best Greek Hotel Tailor Made Guest Experience” & Silver Medal in category “Best Greek Villas & Holiday Homes”. It feels always nice to have our efforts appreciated. A tailor made service is […] Guest Review Award 2017 for Kappa Resort

If you have ever visited Kappa Resort, then you already know that our main focus is the guests’ satisfaction. Kappa Team treats every single customer with caution based on his/her special needs. We would like to thank you for appreciating our approach and support us with good reviews on online platforms. Your support gives us […]

7 reasons to visit Paliouri in Spring

Paliouri is a village located in the peninsula of Kassandra, Halkidiki, in Greece and lies 103km away from Thessaloniki. It can only be described as the best of Halkidiki as it is a traditional village in the midst of the verdant surrounding area and although it isn’t a coastal settlement, it makes an excellent base for […]

Satisfied guests

Our basic principle in Kappa Resort is the relationship of trust and intimacy we build with our guests. The special attention we show each individual visitor becomes our biggest success. Even from the early stage of a simple request that might possibly turn into a future reservation, we give each potential guest the necessary attention needed. We try to respond as soon […]

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for Kappa Resort and Kappa Restaurant

New distinction for Kappa Resort and Kappa Restaurant as both of them got the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. ” The feeling is unique when you see guests returning for their holidays again. There is no greater seal of approval than being supported and trusted by your customers. This achievement is a vote of confidence for […]

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Greek Hospitality Awards 2017

Very important distinction for Kappa Resort in the Greek Hospitality Awards 2017 as it won two prizes. Specifically, Kappa Resort won the gold medal in the Best Greek Villas & Holiday Homes category and the silver medal in the Best Greek Hotel Restaurant category. Very important distinctions if we take under consideration the fact that […]

Лучший Вилла Курорт в Халкидики

Каппа Резорту исполняется 3 год!  Мы отличаемся профессионализмом, и мы стремимся к процветанию, чтобы улучшить наши услуги и удовлетварить пребывание каждого гостя. Нам приносит большое удовольствие каждый раз, когда наши клиенты просят вернуться в наш курорт для следующего отпуска. Мы гордимся позитивными отзывами от большинства пользователей TripAdvisor. Бронируй сейчас же свой отпуск в Каппа! “It was perfect […]

Медовый месяц в Халкидиках

Если вы ищети скрытое и спокойное место отдыха для вашего медового месяца то вы наверняка нашли его в Палиури Халкидики! Наш курорт является скрытым местом, который предлагает отдых, спокойствие и роскошь. Небольшое количество апартаментов и вил, позволяют избежать толпу, шум и нескромные взгляды общества. Для этого особого случая, мы хотели бы вам предложить эксклюзивную виллу […]

Ресторан в Палиури

Каппа Ресторан в Палиури всегда в вашем распоряжении !!! Забранируйте столик в нашем ресторане и насладитесь ужином в сопровождении прекрасного греческого вина из нашего погреба. Приготовьтесь наслодиться современными креативными рецептоми средиземноморской кухни под романтическими свечами. Еще раз мы считаем, что вы окажетесь в дилемме …… Какое блюдо вы бы выбрали?               […]

Пасха в Палиури

ПАСХА 2016 Забронируйте апартамент на Пасху и получите пакет услуг для отдыха бесплатно!!! Греческая Православная Пасха , Минимальный срок пребывания, 3 ночи Наш пакет услуг включает: • Приветственный напиток “ципуро” и закуска • Корзина с пасхальной булкой , с красными яйцами а также с пасхальными свечами в комнате • Традиционный Пасхальный обед с бараниной на […]

Ежедневные экскурсии в Салоники

    Захватите шанс ежедневной экскурсии на нашим Luxury Mercedes Van. Есть много предложений для вас. Проверьте три рекомендуемые экскурсии для города Салоники. A) Салоники. Вы будете иметь возможность для осмотра достопримечательностей и прогулок по торговым центром. Исследуйте Белую башню, символ города,Памятник Ротонды , городские старинные стены, множество музеев и многое другое. Б) Mediterranean Cosmos. […]

Daily trip to Meteora

The Greek word meteora means ”suspended in the air” and our words meteorite and meteology come from the same root.The conglomerate rock at Meteora has eroded into fantastic peaks upon which medievel monks built monasteries,several of which are still alive. 24 giant rocks rise up perpendicularly from the ground in the western part of the […]

Best Restaurant in Paliouri

  Kappa Restaurant is already concidered as one of the best restaurants in Halkidiki. Our Chef and his team always offer unique and inspired dishes. Kappa restaurant offers quality food at affordable rates. It presents an atmosphere of comfort, an extensive menu and a good wine list and our courteous staff assure the guests of […]

Пещера Петралона

Существование обилие пещер в стране, где 65% местности известняка, это совершенно нормально. Кроме того, Греция является второй страной после Китая с наибольшим количеством пещер в мире. Несколько тысяч из этих образованых пещер были изучены специалистами и более 100 были описаны посетителями экскурсией замечательного интереса. В 1959 году житель села Петралона, в Халкидиках, Северная Греция, в […]

Live saxophone at Kappa restaurant

One of the best events that take place in Kappa Restaurant very often is “Jazz Night”. The live sound of the saxophone is really something else…………..The customers have the opportunity to drink their favorite cocktails through a special discounted list and enjoy the music. Jazz has been called America’s classical music, and for good reason. […]