Satisfied guests

Our basic principle in Kappa Resort is the relationship of trust and intimacy we build with our guests. The special attention we show each individual visitor becomes our biggest success.

Even from the early stage of a simple request that might possibly turn into a future reservation, we give each potential guest the necessary attention needed. We try to respond as soon as possible at each question he/she might have, providing all the information he/she is looking for. Especially when a guest makes a reservation several months before his/her check-in, it is essential to build and maintain a communication with him/her, so that he/she feels a sense of security until the upcoming arrival.

Some of the most FAQ set by (potential) guests seeking for villas and suites in Halkidiki mainly concern the private pool, the restaurant, our private beach as well as places one can visit in Paliouri Halkidiki. Our goal is not only to answer these questions, but most times to having them answered before they even come up.

This is one of the many reasons why Kappa Resort has gained stable clients who repeatedly show their preference in our resort and moreover they recommend us to friends and acquaintances.

However, this is not enough; our guests’ feedback is what helps us improve, move forward and at the same time rewards us for the high-quality services we provide. If you are looking for villas with private pool, suites with private pool, private beach, restaurant in Halkidiki, combined with a staff whose main concern is their guests’ satisfaction, then Kappa Resort is your best choice