The winner of our facebook contest

Mrs. Valentina Papa is the winner of our latest big contest on facebook which ended May 31, 2018. Ms. Papa won a three-day stay at Kappa Resort in a two-bedroom villa with a private pool (breakfast included) which she redeemed on 28/9. Together with her company she enjoyed a carefree escape from the capital’s fast […] Guest Review Award 2017 for Kappa Resort

If you have ever visited Kappa Resort, then you already know that our main focus is the guests’ satisfaction. Kappa Team treats every single customer with caution based on his/her special needs. We would like to thank you for appreciating our approach and support us with good reviews on online platforms. Your support gives us […]

7 reasons to visit Paliouri in Spring

Paliouri is a village located in the peninsula of Kassandra, Halkidiki, in Greece and lies 103km away from Thessaloniki. It can only be described as the best of Halkidiki as it is a traditional village in the midst of the verdant surrounding area and although it isn’t a coastal settlement, it makes an excellent base […]

Daily trip to Meteora

The Greek word meteora means ”suspended in the air” and our words meteorite and meteology come from the same root.The conglomerate rock at Meteora has eroded into fantastic peaks upon which medievel monks built monasteries,several of which are still alive. 24 giant rocks rise up perpendicularly from the ground in the western part of the […]