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7 reasons to visit Paliouri in Spring

Paliouri is a village located in the peninsula of Kassandra, Halkidiki, in Greece and lies 103km away from Thessaloniki. It can only be described as the best of Halkidiki as it is a traditional village in the midst of the verdant surrounding area and although it isn’t a coastal settlement, it makes an excellent base for all those who want a combination of low mountains, natural beauty and some of the most famous beaches in Kassandra.

Here are the seven reasons to visit Paliouri in Spring and some ideas what to do there!

1.Food and local wines

Kassandra is blessed with a rare Mediterranean beauty where you can have an unforgettable combination of a unique gastronomy and wine journey and an extraordinary view of land and seascapes, opening your horizons to every possible kind of experience. You’ll take part in a game of discovering new tastes and aromas in the awarded Kappa Restaurant which offers Greek Creative Cuisine combining tradition with inspiration.


If you love hiking in a green forest admiring breathtaking view then the really rich nature of Kassandra is the best place for trekking and discoveries. Especially from April to May the mild weather is ideal for hikes, making trails the best choice for a rejuvenating leisure and entertainment experience.

3.Beaches and the Aegean Sea

The beaches found in the village of Paliouri are incomparable and you will find activities from diving to sports activities and sailing trips among the most popular. This is a perfect time to visit the area as the weather becomes favorable (average temperature between 15°C and 19°C), the water is already quite warm, the sun is nice and there are no crowds of tourists with the visitors from the summer months yet to arrive. During this period there is a highly possibility that you will have the whole beach by yourself! Also, right in front of our luxury villas and suites you will be able to enjoy the sea at the private section we have prepared for you where you can relax and enjoy your coffee, soft drink, cocktail or a light snack.


Enjoy your private sailing trip with our sailing yacht, a Bavaria 40 cruiser, with maximum capacity of 8 people for a day trip and 6 people for a multi-day. You should expect a smooth sailing – the strong summer winds (meltemi) are yet to come so you should expect calmer seas than in the summer. It is a good opportunity to discover the hidden beauties within Halkidiki as the rates in spring are lower than summer.


“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully”. Sunset in Paliouri is the perfect romantic background for loving couples and honeymoons. You can admire the sunset from the comfort of your luxury villa/suite or while you are enjoying an afternoon meal in our a-la-carte Kappa Restaurant overlooking the beach spreading in front…

6.Prices you can afford

The best time to combine relaxation, sun, sea and low prices is to avoid the high season and visit Paliouri in Spring. It is the perfect season for active holidays as spring weather and temperatures create the perfect conditions so you can enjoy history and nature without worrying about getting sun-stroke. Hotels, air-tickets and car rentals prices are very tempting to anyone who wants to spend luxury vacations in a minimum budget.


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece which combines ancient and modern culture dating back 2,300 years. It is located only 1,5 hours from Paliouri, which makes it easily accessible for a one-day-trip. The city is surrounded by low hills, facing the bay of Thessaloniki with several Byzantine monuments, old mansions and a vibrant food and cultural scene.